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TALE AS OLD AS TIME: Meet the Modern Verse Playwrights!

This Monday, for one night only, TURN TO FLESH PRODUCTIONS presents an evening of performances and readings of Shakespeare and modern verse scenes and soliloquies called Tale As Old As Time(TICKETS HERE)  For example, you'll see:

Hamlet vs. The Merry Widows of WindsorBy William Shakespeare and Emily C. A. Snyder
Directed by Emily C. A. Snyder
Featuring Alexandra Cremer, Starr Kirkland, Susannah Melone and Joseph Knipper
Examining the fun of the existential angst of living after someone you love has died.Measure for Measure vs. Our Own Odyssey
By William Shakespeare and Chris Rivera
Directed by Emily C. A. Snyder
Featuring Joe Ottavi-Perez and Chris Rivera
Examining roles for men then and now, as well as the danger of "nice guys"The Merchant of Venice vs. In Flight
By William Shakespeare and Jenny Lyn Bader
Directed by Aliza Shane
Featuring Isabel Kruse and Daryl Lauren
Examining roles for women then and now - especially how we start passing the Bechdel test!A Midsummer Night&#…

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