Our Second Annual evening of parodies and homages returns with Cocktails and Classics.  Learn more about the playwrights and performers in this blog series.  

Meet Anne Flanagan, whose "Sales of a Deathman" shows just what Willy Loman is peddling now!

What inspired you to write your piece?

The title came to me first, as a punchline for another script, and it got me thinking, "What would sales of a "Death Man" be exactly?" The play grew from there.

What's your favorite thing about theatre?
The visceral "aliveness" of it.

Why are classics and new takes on classics still important today?

Because basic human needs; the need for love, the lust for power, the want of recognition, a search for meaning;  these don't change, regardless of the time period.

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Los Angeles based playwright Anne Flanagan has seen her short and full length plays produced throughout the US and internationally.  She is the recipient of several writing awards and zero sports trophies.  Publications include her comedy Artifice (Dramatic Publishing) and various anthologies by Smith & Kraus and/or Applause Books.  For many years, Anne worked as a private investigator - she knows where you live. Follow Anne via Facebook or Twitter.  Website:


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